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Method Description

The ZytoFast® System uses oligonucleotide probes tagged with Biotin or Digoxigenin which are detected using enzyme-conjugated antibodies targeting the tags. The enzymatic reaction of chromogenic substrates, e.g. BCIP/NBT or AEC, leads to the formation of strong color precipitates that can be visualized by light microscopy.

ZytoFast® : Outstanding Fast CISH

Optimized protocols and faster tissue penetration due to short oligonucleotide probes of the ZytoFast® system, make the ZytoFast® CISH procedure outstanding fast. Single color results can be achieved within just 4 hours, hands-on time is about 2 hours!

High Sensitivity and Specificity

All ZytoFast® probes are tagged using the unique ZytoFast® HighTag System providing improved signal intensity! High specificity without risk of cross-hybridizations is obtained due to optimized oligonucleotide probes.

Advantages of CISH

• Simultaneous observation of tissue morphology and CISH signals
• No risk of false positives due to mispriming or contamination as with PCR
• Easy method comparable to IHC
• No costly equipment needed
• Ability to test archival specimens
• High sensitivity and specificity


ZytoFast® products are designed for outstanding fast detection and discrimination of human pathogen viruses, e.g. HPV, EBV, CMV, and the determination of lymphocyte clonality by detecting Ig-κ and Ig-λ light chain RNA by Chromogenic in situ Hybridization (CISH) in formalinfixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections and cell samples.


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