Our goal at Advanced Diagnostic Services is to provide effective products designed to enhance the diagnostic weaponry of any Hospital or Laboratory,be it small or a large provider.

Our team design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve the best service along with the best products.


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Molecular Biology

We have a multitude of diagnostic kits in Molecular Biology. State of the art FISH and CISH DNA probes for genetic screening in a multitude of cancers . Multiplex PCR for detection of pathogens and PCR HPV testing


Manual and Automated bacterial identification systems that test antibiotic susceptibility in both human and animal specimens. Automated Blood culture and bacterial identification systems.

Cerebral State Monitoring

The handheld, portable and affordable solution, featuring multi parametric spontaneous EEG processing into the CSI index. The smallest monitor available. The fastest monitor to install. Very easy to use. Wireless radio communication is standard.


I was so impressed with your company’s fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your services to other hospitals. Thanks Guys!.”

Mark Peterson
QEH (East and North Herts NHS Trust) W.G.C. UK

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